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2015Anderson, J.L., C.M. Anderson, J. Chu, J. Meredith, F. Asche, G. Sylvia, M.D. Smith, D. Anggraeni, R. Arthur, A. Guttormsen, J.K. McCluney, T. Ward, W. Akpalu, H. Eggert, J. Flores, M.A. Freeman, D.S. Holland, G. Knapp, M. Kobayashi, S. Larkin, K. MacLauchlin, K. Schnier, M. Soboil, S. Tveteras, H. Uchida, D. Valderrama. 2015. The fishery performance indicators: A management tool for triple bottom line outcomes. Plos ONE 1-(5):e0122809. Download
2015Corbin, C.H., T.G. O'Quinn, A.J. Garmyn, J.F. Legako, M.R. Hunt, T. Dinh, R.J. Rathmann, J.F. Hunt, J.C. Brooks. 2015. Sensory evaluation of tender beef strip loin steaks of varying marbling levels and quality treatments. Meat Science 100:24-31. Download
2015Gifford, C.A., K.A. Branham, J.O. Ellison, B.I. Gomez, C.O. Lemley, C.G. Hart, C.R. Krehbiel, B.C. Bernhard, C.L. Maxwell, C.L. Goad, D.M. Hallford, J.A. Hernandez-Gifford. 2015. Effect of anabolic implants on adrenal cortisol synthesis in feedlot beef cattle implanted early or late in the finishing phase. Physiology & Behavior 138:118-123. Download
2015Legako, J.F., T. Dinh, M.F. Miller, J.C. Brooks. 2015. Effects of USDA beef quality grade and cooking on fatty acid composition of neutral and polar lipid fractions. Meat Science 100:246-255. Download
2015Mahmoud, B.S.M., S. Chang, Y. Wu, R. Nannapaneni, C. Sharma, R. Coker. 2015. Effect of X-ray treatments on Salmonella enterica and spoilage bacteria on skin-on chicken breast fillets and shell eggs. Food Control 57:110-114. Download
2015Patnaik, S.S., B. Brazile, V. Dandolu, P.L. Ryan, J. Liao. 2015. Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome: A historical perspective. Gene 555(1):1-8. Download
2015Priyantha, J., P. Parajuli, J.P. Brooks. 2015. Assessing climate variability impact on thermotolerant coliform bacteria in surface water. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 21(3):691-706. Download
2015Voelz, B.E., G.F. Cline, C.G. Hart, C.O. Lemley, J.E. Larson. 2015. Effect of 2 corpora lutea on blood perfusion, peripheral progesterone, and hepatic steroid inactivating enzymes in dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science 98:288-294. Download
2014Adeli, A., M. McLaughlin, J. Brook, J. Read , J. Willers, D. Lang and R. McGrew. 2014. Age chronosequence effects on restoration quality of reclaimed coal mine soils in Mississippi agro-ecosystems. Soil Science 178: 335-343. Download
2014Annan, F., J. Tack, A. Harri, K.H. Coble. 2014. Spatial pattern of yield distributions: Implications for crop insurance. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 96:253-268. Download