From Issue  Fall 2015

A Conversation About Research and Extension

MSU research and extension faculty discuss how dual appointments inform their roles

The strategic plan of the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and the MSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences focuses on research, teaching, and service. Much of the service side of that mission is fulfilled through collaboration with the MSU Extension Service. Oftentimes, the intersection between research and extension begins with a conversation among stakeholders invested in improving profitability and environmental stewardship.

Scientists take the ideas born out of conversations and develop them into research that informs and improves the way we conduct business at the field level. Many scientists have dual appointments in research and extension. There are 30 such scientists serving in this dual capacity at Mississippi State University across 16 branch stations and the Starkville campus. MAFES Discovers sat down with some of these scientists to have a conversation about how research informs extension and vice versa. Here is what they had to say:

Dr. Jane Parish

Dr. Jane Parish is a professor specializing in cattle production at the Prairie Research Unit in Prairie, Mississippi.

Dr. Jeff Gore

Dr. Jeff Gore is an associate professor in entomology at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Mississippi.

Dr. Bobby Golden

Dr. Bobby Golden is an assistant professor and an agronomist at the DREC in Stoneville, Mississippi.

Dr. Tom Allen

Dr. Tom Allen is an associate professor in plant pathology at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Mississippi.

Dr. Jason Krutz

Dr. Jason Krutz is an associate professor specializing in water conservation and irrigation at the DREC in Stoneville, MS.

Dr. Rick Snyder

Dr. Rick Snyder is an professor and horticulturalist at the Truck Crops Experiment Station in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

Dr. Christine Coker

Dr. Christine Coker is an associate professor and horticulturalist at the Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi, Mississippi. She also serves as the research scientist for the Beaumont Horticultural Unit, a 20-acre vegetable research station in Perry County, Mississippi.

There are 30 scientists who share a split appointment in extension and research. These scientists are located throughout the experiment station's 16 branch stations and campus. Below is a complete list:

  • Dr. Tom Allen
  • Dr. Gary Bachman
  • Dr. Casey Barickman
  • Dr. Jason Bond
  • Dr. Shaun Broderick
  • Dr. David Buys
  • Dr. John Byrd
  • Dr. Christine Coker
  • Dr. Darrin Dodds
  • Dr. Bobby Golden
  • Dr. Jeff Gore
  • Dr. Jeff Harris
  • Dr. Jeff Johnson
  • Dr. Brandi Karisch
  • Dr. Patricia Knight
  • Dr. Jason Krutz
  • Dr. Erick Larson
  • Dr. Rocky Lemus
  • Dr. Barakat Mahmoud
  • Dr. Steven Martin
  • Dr. John Orlowski
  • Dr. Jane Parish
  • Dr. Benedict Posadas
  • Dr. Daniel Rivera
  • Dr. Brett Rushing
  • Dr. Jason Sarver
  • Dr. Rick Snyder
  • Dr. Eric Stafne
  • Dr. Sherry Surrette
  • Dr. Byron Williams